Sponsors and Exhibitors


The organizers are grateful for the generous support of IDDRG 2019 from the following sponsors:

Main Sponsors (Platinum)


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Second-level Sponsors (Gold) Exhibitors
Cost € 5,000 € 2,500
Logo Placement on
Website iddrg2019.nl Sponsor/exhibitor page Sponsor/exhibitor page
Conference program printed for each participant Small logo Small logo
Banner at conference entrance n/a n/a
Skirting at Speaker's desk n/a n/a
Break slides Small logo Small logo
Conference proceedings Small logo* Small logo*
Keynote/conference presentation Presentation slot** n/a
Exhibition space 3 x 2 m 3 x 2 m
Furnishing 1 table & 2 chairs 1 table & 2 chairs
Registration tickets 2 2
Electricity and WiFi Yes Yes
Guest tickets available for 20% discount Yes Yes
Presentation within the welcome/goodies bag Yes Yes

*Note: will be in online proceedings ‐ need to confirm IOP policy on this for actual proceedings
**Note: Keynote/presentation should be of a technical nature relevent to the IDDRG community with minimal commercialism