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Monday 3 June
14:00-18:00RegistrationUpark Hotel
18:00-20:00Welcome reception
Tuesday 4 June
8:15-8:40Registration at conference venue 
8:40-9:10Opening by conference chairWaaier 1
9:10-9:50Keynote: Prof. Brad Kinsey (University of New Hampshire), Beyond simply shaping: Forming 4.0 to control product properties.
10:05-11:20Parallel sessions
 Constitutive modeling, Chair: Miklós Tisza Waaier 1
 10:05-10:30Multi-coefficient optimization of homogeneous anisotropic hardening model for AHSS
  Shinyeong Lee, Jin-Hwan Kim, Frédéric Barlat
 10:30-10:55Descriptions of stress-strain responses of non-linear unloading and closure of stress-strain hysteresis loop based on the Yoshida-Uemori model
  Fusahito Yoshida
 10:55-11:20Effect of kinematic hardening on the yield surface evolution after strain-path change
  Yanfeng Yang, Cyrille Baudouin, Tudor Balan
 Characterization, Chair: Celalettin KaradoganWaaier 2
 10:05-10:30Non-linear strain path experiment and modeling for very high strength material
  M S Wi, S Y Lee and F Barlat
 10:30-10:55Improved bendability characterization of UHSS sheets
  L. Wagner, H. Schauer, H. Pauli, J. Hinterdorfer
 10:55-11:20Investigation of non-proportional load paths by using a cruciform specimen in a conventional Nakajima test
  R. Norz, W. Volk
 Machine Learning & Big data, Chair: Christian KoroschetzWaaier 3
 10:05-10:30Computationally efficient necking prediction using neural networks trained on virtual test data
  L Greve, B Schneider, M Andres, J D Martinez, T Eller, B v d Weg, J Hazrati, A H v d Boogaard
 10:30-10:55Predictive Analysis from numerical and experimental data in press hardening
  Lars Penter, Patrick Link, Steffen Ihlenfeldt, Anke Stoll and André Albert
 10:55-11:20Towards neural network models for describing the large deformation behavior of sheet metal
  Maysam Gorji Bandpay and Dirk Mohr
 Edge formability, Chair: Eisso AtzemaWaaier 4
 10:05-10:30Modelling the surface roughness influence on the hole expansion ratio of multiphase steel
  S Münstermann, P Wechsuwanmanee, J Lian
 10:30-10:55Effect of pre-strain on stretch flange deformation limit of steel sheets
  E Iizuka, K Higai, Y Yamasaki
 10:55-11:20The effect of microalloying on the sheared edge ductility of ferritic steels
  Jaakko Hannula, Antti Kaijalainen, David Porter, Vili Kesti and Jukka Kömi
11:20-11:50Coffee break 
11:50-12:40Parallel sessions
 Constitutive modeling, Chair: Ton van den Boogaard Waaier 1
 11:50-12:15Constitutive model parameter identification via full-field calibration
  Christian Ilg, André Haufe, Katharina Witowski, David Koch and P Roehl Suanno
 12:15-12:40A new approach for advanced plasticity and fracture modelling
  Namsu Park, Thomas B. Stoughton and Jeong Whan Yoon
 Springback, Chair: Bart CarleerWaaier 2
 11:50-12:15Springback characteristics of a martensitic steel for warm U-shape bending: Experiments and FE simulation
  Yuhao Sun, Zhaoheng Cai, Denis Politis, Xi Luan, Guang Chen and Liliang Wang
 12:15-12:40Spring-Back Analysis Method Considering the Die Deformation Due to the Stamping Pressure of the Ultra-High Strength Steel
  Gihyun Bae and Junghan Song
 Machine Learning & Big data, Chair: Lars GreveWaaier 3
 11:50-12:15Prediction of forming limit diagrams using machine learning
  Vishwanath Hegadekatte and Fatih Sen
 12:15-12:40Blockchain for forming technology - tamper-proof exchange of production data
  P Frey, M Lechner, T Bauer, T Shubina, A Yassin, S Wituschek, M Virkus, M Merklein
 Edge formability, Chair: Sergey GolovashchenkoWaaier 4
 11:50-12:15The effects of shear affected zone on edge crack sensitivity in dual-phase steels
  Niloufar Habibi, Thorsten Beier, Helmut Richter, Markus Könemann and Sebastian Münstermann
 12:15-12:40Comprehensive understanding of effective parameters on edge cracking sensitivity of hot-rolled complex phase steels
  J Goncalves, S Alibeigi and S Sarkar
14:00-14:40Keynote: Dr. Christian Koroschetz (AP&T) How digitalization influences sheet metal forming production solutions and its industry. Waaier 1
14:45-16:00Parallel sessions
 Crystal plasticity, Chair: Semih PerdahciogluWaaier 1
 14:45-15:10Prediction of mechanical behaviour of an ultra-thin sheet metal under non-proportional loading using a crystal plasticity model
  H. J. Bong, J. Lee, M.-G. Lee
 15:10-15:35Crystal plasticity based predictions of mechanical properties from heterogeneous steel microstructures
  P.J.J. Kok, W. Spanjer, F.Korver, Y. An, M. Aarnts
 15:35-16:00Parameter identification of 3D yield functions based on a virtual material testing procedure
  Alexander Butz, Alexander Wessel and Dirk Helm
 Characterization, Chair: Brandon HanceWaaier 2
 14:45-15:10Prediction of residual stresses in biaxial stretching of tailor welded blanks by finite element analysis
  Amit Kumar, D Ravi Kumar, Vijay Gautam
 15:10-15:35Evaluation of the stress vs strain curve using a high temperature bulge test device
  A Boyer, H Laurent, M C Oliveira
 15:35-16:00Forming simulation for TWIP steel
  Marco Goesling and Thomas Thülig
 Tool design, Chair: Nader AsnafiWaaier 3
 14:45-15:10Optimization of forming machine stiffness for increased production accuracy
  Karel Ráž, Milan Čechura
 15:10-15:35Virtual die spotting: Compensation of elastic behavior of forming presses
  F Zgoll, S Kuruva, T Götze and W Volk
 15:35-16:00Modelling of dynamic loads during series operation for optimisation of part holder design
  M. Burkart, M. Liewald and J. Wied
 Local formability, Chair: Pierre Yves ManachWaaier 4
 14:45-15:10Local formability of AHSS: Measurement technique, specimen types and robustness
  Martin Gruenbaum, Goekce Aydin, Thomas Dettinger and Sebastian Heibel
 15:10-15:35Fracture toughness measurements to understand local ductility of advanced high strength steels
  David Frómeta, Antoni Lara, Begoña Casas and Daniel Casellas
 15:35-16:00Local ductility - key parameter for predicting formability of AHSS
  S Westhäuser, M Schneider, M Teschner, I A Denks
16:00-16:30Coffee break 
16:30-17:45Parallel sessions
 Simulation of Forming Processes, Chair: Paulo MartinsWaaier 1
 16:30-16:55Bridging the gap between engineering and tryout of sheet metal forming parts by a smart solution
  Michael Stippak, Bart Carleer
 16:55-17:20Accurate sheet metal forming modeling for cost effective automotive part production
  A.R. Chezan, T.V. Khandeparkar, C.H.L.J. ten Horn and M. Sigvant
 17:20-17:45Augmented Reality for Forming Technology - Visualisation of Simulation Results and Component Measurement
  M Lechner, R Schulte and M Merklein
 Characterization, Chair: Bert GeijselaersWaaier 2
 16:30-16:55Aging behavior of ultra-fine grained AA 6061 alloy subjected to constrained groove pressing followed by cold rolling
  Kandarp Changela, Sunil Kumar, K. Hariharan and D. Ravi Kumar
 16:55-17:20Experimental study on the mechanical properties of 7xxx aluminium alloy sheet under different heat treatment conditions
  Yumi Choi, Chanmi Moon and Myoung-Gyu Lee
 17:20-17:45Die quench process sensitivity of AA7050
  Raphael Boulis and Michael Worswick
 Tool design, Chair: Eneko Saenz de ArgandoñaWaaier 3
 16:30-16:55Design and Validation of 3D-Printed Tools for Stamping of DP600
  Nader Asnafi, Jukka Rajalampi and David Aspenberg
 16:55-17:20Digital process support in toolmaking by using optical metrology
  Peter Essig, Mathias Liewald, Christian Bolay and Thomas Schubert
 17:20-17:45Improved Spring-Back Compensation Strategy through Location Optimized Part Position in the Dies
  A Birkert, B Hartmann, F Lepple, M Straub and P Zimmermann
 Formability, Chair: Chester van TyneWaaier 4
 16:30-16:55Effect of material structure on trimming and sheared edge stretchability of 6xxx aluminum alloys
  S Golovashchenko, N Reinberg, N Wang and Q Le
 16:55-17:20Numerical simulation of hydraulic bulging using uniaxial and biaxial flow curves and different yield criteria
  Ved Prakash, D. Ravi Kumar, Marion Merklein and Hinnerk Hagenah
 17:20-17:45Warm forming characteristics of aa7050-t6
  Hossein Pishyar and Michael Worswick
Wednesday 5 June
8:30-9:10Keynote: Prof. Paulo Martins (Técnico Lisboa) Joining by FormingWaaier 1
9:15-10:30Parallel sessions
 Active process control, Chair: Pavel HoraWaaier 1
 9:15-9:40Control of the servo-press in stamping considering the variation of the incoming material properties
  Hyunok Kim, Jiahui C. Gu, and Laura Zoller
 9:40-10:05Part-to-Part Model Predictive Control - using a modified Gauss-Newton scheme.
  Benny Endelt
 10:05-10:30Part to part control for deep drawing processes
  Jörg Heingärtner, Pascal Fischer, David Harsch, Yasar Renkci, Matthäus Kott, Mark Veldhuis, Dirk Hortig and Pavel Hora
 Characterization, Chair: Patrick DurouxWaaier 2
 9:15-9:40Material characterization of high strength sound-deadening sheets and its application on a square cup drawing simulation
  Hyeonil Park, Se-Jong Kim, Jinwoo Lee, Daeyong Kim
 9:40-10:05Forming behaviour of stainless steel sheets at different material thicknesses
  Annegret Lehmberg, Christina Sunderkoetter, Thorsten Glaesner and Heinz-Guenter Brokmeier
 10:05-10:30The influence of residual stresses induced by near-net-shape blanking processes on the fatigue behavior under bending loads
  Jens Stahl, Daniel Müller, Isabella Pätzold, Roland Golle, Thomas Tobie, Wolfram Volk and Karsten Stahl
 Formability, Chair: Fatih SenWaaier 4
 9:15-9:40Effect of novel impact hydroforming technology on the formability of Al alloys
  Yong Xu, Ali Abd El-Aty, Shihong Zhang, Yan Ma and Dayoung Chen
 9:40-10:05Enhancement of fracture forming limit by crystallographic texture reformation of AA1050 sheets in Single Point Incremental Forming
  Parnika Shrivastava and Puneet Tandon
 10:05-10:30Formability study on stamping an engine hood with aluminum alloy sheet
  Fuh-Kuo Chen and Chien-Wei Lin
10:30-11:00Coffee break 
11:00-12:40Parallel sessions
 Active process control, Chair: Mathias LiewaldWaaier 1
 11:00-11:25Digital Twin models for an optimal design and control of a conditionally robust sheet metal forming process
  David Harsch, J. Heingärtner, Y. Renkci and P. Hora
 11:25-11:50Feedback control of laser forming using flattening simulations for error determination
  Anders Thomsen, Benny Endelt and Morten Kristiansen
 11:50-12:15A knowledge-based surrogate modeling approach for cup drawing with limited data
  L Morand, D Helm, R Iza-Teran and J Garcke
 12:15-12:40Bayesian Model-based State Estimation for Mass Production Metal Forming
  Jos Havinga, Ton van den Boogaard and Pranab Mandal
 Processes, Chair: Myoung-Gyu LeeWaaier 2
 11:00-11:25Analysis of material behaviour and shape defect compensation in the flexible roll forming of advanced high strength steel
  Sadegh Ghanei, Buddhika Abeyrathna, Bernard Rolfe and Matthias Weiss
 11:25-11:50Novel roll stand for flexible profile bending
  Juri Martschin, Rickmer Meya, Christian Löbbe and A. Erman Tekkaya
 11:50-12:15Parameter measurement and conductive heating during press hardening by hot metal gas forming
  Mirko Bach, Lars Degenkolb, Franz Reuther, Verena Psyk, Reinhard Mauermann and Markus Werner
 12:15-12:40AA1100-O cylindrical cup-drawing using 3D servo-press
  Jinjin Ha, Alexander Breunig, Johnathon Fones, Florian Hoppe, Yannis P. Korkolis, Peter Groche and Brad L. Kinsey
 Formability, Chair: Sandrine ThuillierWaaier 4
 11:00-11:25On the way towards a comprehensive failure modelling for industrial sheet metal stamping processes
  N. Manopulo, B. Carleer
 11:25-11:50Determining a threshold Strain Nonuniformity Index (SNI) to predict failure in sheet metal components
  P P Date, Pratik Kulkarni and K D Jamadar
 11:50-12:15On the failure prediction of dual-phase steel and aluminium alloys exposed to combined tension and bending
  Alexander Barlo, Mats Sigvant and Benny Endelt
 12:15-12:40Investigation of crack prediction method using limiting surface strain in high-strength steel sheets
  Toyohisa Shinmiya, Yusuke Fujii, Yuji Yamasaki and Yoshikiyo Tamai
14:00-14:40Keynote: Dr. Menno van der Winden (TATA Steel Europe) TATA Steel's journey to advanced analytics at scale.Waaier 1
14:45-16:00Parallel sessions
 Constitutive modeling, Chair: Wolfram Volk Waaier 1
 14:45-15:10A plane stress yield surface using Bézier curve interpolation in two directions
  Henk Vegter, Michael Abspoel and Hans Mulder
 15:10-15:35Temperature dependency of material constitutive behaviour: a simple model
  E H Atzema
 15:35-16:00Prediction of flow curves of very thin brass sheets incorporating size effect in hardening model
  Dhruv Anand, D Ravi Kumar
 Tribology Al, Chair: Lander GaldosWaaier 2
 14:45-15:10Characterisation of new lubrication systems for hot forming of high strength aluminum alloys
  N Rigas, J Degner, E Berendt, F Junker and M Merklein
 15:10-15:35Coating effects on the galling behaviour of aluminium metal forming processes
  Xiao Yang, Yiran Hu, Yang Zheng, Denis J. Politis, Liliang Wang
 15:35-16:00Assessment of solutions to reduce wear with the warm forming of aluminum
  André Maillard, Christophe Piat and Yanming Chen
 Fracture, Chair: Dirk MohrWaaier 4
 14:45-15:10Local fracture strain measurement in AHSS uniaxial flat tensile tests considering specimen geometry and fracture morphology
  P Larour, L Wagner, A Felbinger, J Angeli
 15:10-15:35Effects of fracture area measurement method and tension test specimen type on fracture strain values of 980 class AHSS
  Brandon Hance and Todd Link
 15:35-16:00A robust experimental technique to determine the strain to fracture for plane strain tension
  Christian C. Roth, Vincent Grolleau and Dirk Mohr
16:00-16:30Coffee break 
16:30-17:45Parallel sessions
 Hot/Warm forming Al, Chair: Zhi DengWaaier 1
 16:30-16:55Improvement of formability for hot stamping of aluminum alloy sheets by press motion control
  E Ota, Y Yogo and N Iwata
 16:55-17:20Strain rate and temperature dependent plastic response of AA7075 during hot forming
  Kedar Pandya, Christian Roth and Dirk Mohr
 17:20-17:45Hot Die Forming - Flat (HDF-FAl): An innovative hot forming technology for extreme lightweight in aluminum sheet alloys
  M.S. Niazi, P. Amborn, E. Lamers and J. Hirsch
 Tribology cold stamping, Chair: Benny EndeltWaaier 2
 16:30-16:55Friction and lubrication in sheet metal forming simulations: Application to the Renault Talisman trunk lid inner part
  J. Lacues, C. Pan, J.-C. Franconville, P. Guillot, M. Capellaere, T. Chezan, J. Hol, J.H. Wiebenga, A. Souchet, V. Ferragu
 16:55-17:20Pressure and sliding velocity dependent surface asperity based friction model: Application to springback simulation
  Kijung Lee and Myoung-Gyu Lee
 17:20-17:45Roughness effects in mixed lubrication friction modeling for sheet metal forming applications
  Meghshyam Shisode, Javad Hazrati, Ton van den Boogaard
 Crash, Chair: Christian RothWaaier 4
 16:30-16:55Characterizing axial crash foldability of AHSS & UHSS sheets by means of L-profile compression tests
  L. Wagner, P. Larour, J. Lackner, H. Schauer, E. Berger
 16:55-17:20Influence of single hat crash box flange triggering and impactor top plate welding strategy on axial crash foldability of AHSS & UHSS sheets
  P Larour, J Lackner, L Wagner
 17:20-17:45Thermomechanical forming and crash simulations
  M Abspoel, M E Scholting, M Lansbergen
18:00-18:45Transfer to Bloemenbeek restaurant 
19:00-22:00Conference banquet 
Thursday 6 June
8:30-9:10Keynote: Prof. dr. Dirk Mohr (ETH Zürich) The potential of machine learning based constitutive modelingWaaier 1
9:15-10:30Parallel sessions
 Hot stamping, Chair: Bernard Rolfe Waaier 1
 9:15-9:40Investigation of the influence of forming parameters on the springback of hot-stamped hat-shaped parts
  Cheng-Kai ChiuHuang, Shi-Wei Wang and Ping-Kun Lee
 9:40-10:05Hot stamping steel grades with increased tensile strength and ductility - MBW-K 1900, tribond 1200 and tribond 1400
  D Rosenstock, J Banik, T Gerber, S Myslowicki
 10:05-10:30Formability of AlSi and Zn coating during hot stamping
  Jenny Venema, Gerben Botman, Tu Phan and Theo Kop
 Tribology cold stamping, Chair: Mats SigvantWaaier 2
 9:15-9:40Influence of varying sheet material properties on dry deep drawing process
  K Krachenfels, B Rothammer, R Zhao, S Tremmel and M Merklein
 9:40-10:05Sliding characteristics of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets depending on aging time after production
  K Hoshino, Y Yamasaki and S Taira
 10:05-10:30Press formability of newly developed high lubricity hot-dip galvanized steel sheets
  S Furuya, K Hoshino, Y Ogihara, Y Yamasaki and S Taira
 Damage/Fracture, Chair: Vincent GrolleauWaaier 4
 9:15-9:40Experimental and numerical analysis of damage and fracture mechanisms in metal sheets under non-proportional loading paths
  Michael Bunig, Steㄣ Gerke, Moritz Zistl
 9:40-10:05Predicting plasticity and fracture of severe pre-strained EN AW-5182 by Yld2000 yield locus and Hosford-Coulomb fracture model in sheet forming applications
  Alan A. Camberg, Thomas Tröster, Friedrich Bohner and Jörn Tölle
 10:05-10:30Characterizing damage and fracture of sheet metal materials using large scale test specimen
  Sebastijan Jurendic and David Anderson
10:30-11:00Coffee break 
11:00-12:40Parallel sessions
 Hot stamping, Chair: Pasi PeuraWaaier 1
 11:00-11:25A type of cruciform specimen applied to evaluate forming limits for boron steel under hot stamping conditions
  Ruiqiang Zhang, Zhutao Shao and Jianguo Lin
 11:25-11:50Prediction of Necking & Thinning Behavior During Hot Stamping Conditions of 22MnB5 Steel
  Amarjeet Kumar Singh and K Narasimhan
 11:50-12:15New Multiphase CP and DP 1000 MPa strength level grades for improved performance after hot forming
  Chris Lahaije, Radhakanta Rana, Christina Sunderkoetter, Maribel Arribas, Iñigo Aranguren, Daniele De Caro and Iñaki Pérez
 Processes, Chair: Krishnaiyengar NarasimhanWaaier 2
 11:00-11:25Sensitivity analysis of process and tube parameters in free-bending processes
  N Beulich, J Spoerer and W Volk
 11:25-11:50A first step towards an in-line shape compensation for UHSS roll forming
  Buddhika Abeyrathna, Bernard Rolfe and Matthias Weiss
 11:50-12:15Numerical evaluation of mechanical performance for self-piercing riveted fiber-reinforced plastic and metal sheets
  W Noh, K Y Park, C Kim, M G Lee, C Y Jung and J H Song
 Damage/Fracture, Chair: Michael BrünigWaaier 4
 11:00-11:25Statistics of Fracture in 3-Point Bending
  Martin Sadhinoch, Ronald Mulder and Martin Kampczyk
 11:25-11:50On the Design of Novel Multi-failure Specimens for Ductile Failure Testing
  Bruce Williams and Hari Simha
 11:50-12:15Characterizing plasticity and fracture of sheet metal through a novel in-plane torsion experiment
  Vincent Grolleau, Christian Roth and Dirk Mohr
 12:15-12:40An automated material calibration framework for shells fracture and simulation
  Juan G. Londono, Mostafa Mobasher, Badri Hiriyur and Pawel Woelke
14:00-14:40Keynote: Dr. Bart Carleer (Autoform) Understanding simulation accuracyWaaier 1
14:45-16:00Parallel sessions
 Warm forming Mg, Chair: Fuh-Kuo ChenWaaier 1
 14:45-15:10Warm Forming Simulation of a ZEK100 Magnesium Door Panel
  Kaab Omer, Clifford Butcher, Michael Worswick and Tim Skszek
 15:10-15:35Influence of the preheating strategy on the deep drawing of extruded magnesium alloy ME20 sheets
  Hamed Dardaei Joghan, Marlon Hahn, Heinrich Traphöner and Erman Tekkaya
 15:35-16:00Characterization of Heat Transfer Coefficient of Lightweight Alloys in Kirksite Dies
  Kaab Omer, Clifford Butcher and Michael Worswick
 Tribology cold stamping, Chair: Javad HazratiWaaier 2
 14:45-15:10Basics for inline measurement of tribological conditions in series production of car body parts
  B Hansen, M Hoebler, S Purr, J Meinhardt and M Merklein
 15:10-15:35Developing smart multi-sensor monitoring for tool wear in stamping process
  Michael Pereira, Vignesh Shanbhag, Brendan Voss, Indivarie Ubhayaratne and Bernard Rolfe
 15:35-16:00Friction modelling in sheet metal forming simulations for aluminium body parts at Daimler AG
  C. Bolay, P. Essig, C. Kaminsky, J. Hol, P. Nägele and R. Schmidt
 Tool design, Chair: Muhammad NiaziWaaier 4
 14:45-15:10Identification of process limits for punching with a slant angle
  Adrian Schenek, Mathias Liewald and Sergei Senn
 15:10-15:35Investigation of a new sheet metal shear cutting tool design to increase the part quality by superposed compression stress
  S Senn and M Liewald
 15:35-16:00Finite element modeling and durability evaluation for rubber pad forming process
  Junyong Park, Yongnam Kim, Jeong Whan Yoon, Hyunwoo So, Jongshin Lee and Sangjin Ko
16:00-16:20Coffee break 
16:20-16:30ClosureWaaier 1
16:30-16:45IDDRG 2020 presentation
Friday 7 June
All dayTechnical Tours